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Being and Evolution

This is a section from my book, The Woman Out Of Now. Lucia’s thoughts gathered around the source and meaning of the human capacity to love. She realized it is as a trace of the primal desire of Being to extend existence in the form of mind and matter – the fabric of existence. The

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We are working on ways to isolate antimatter. This involves suspending these particles in an almost complete vacuum. Possibly this could happen in the vacuum of outer space. We see the constant production of antimatter all around us because of the nuclear decay of unstable forms of the basic elements. But they instantly encounter ordinary

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The Evolution of Hestia

From the upcoming novel  The Dancer From Beyond   She follows this evolution and watches the formation of atoms, stars, planets… She feels the power of Being, the source of Existence, in each step of the evolution, a power she feels in this realm as the deepest form of love. Woven into this development are

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The Birth of the Golden City

This is a section from my next book, The Dancer From Beyond I am now in the process of writing. In it Lucia recalls the events in my former book, The Woman Out Of Now. Lucia remembered the struggle over the puritanical, fundamentalist regime. The fanatical tyrant who ruled over them used all the violent

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Vibrations Biagi

Vibrations                 Biagi   There are two things I am certain of:  I exist and I am conscious. From here I move into speculations regarding the world we live in. These involve both art and science, ultimately leading to a vision of who we are and where we come from-in other words to questions of spirituality.

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From The Woman Out of Now

I am new and yet old. I come out of Now, beyond past present and future. I am the past and the future. I always was and always will be, just as all the universes always were and always will be, just as you always were and always will be. We are creatures of all

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Deep Reality

A New Mythology Membrance  – The Call

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